Water For Injection

Pharma Still Mechanical Compression


By introducing pressurized steam into a lower-temperature chamber, it becomes feasible to condense the steam, allowing it to release its latent heat into the liquid present in the condenser.

Pharma Still Multiple Effect


The plant utilizes a pressurizing unit to supply water, followed by heating in a preheater using the hot fluid, WFI. Subsequently, the preheated water passes through the pipe side of the first column's exchanger...

Water For Injection

Pharma Reverse Osmosis


Reverse osmosis and membrane filtration share similarities in their treatment processes, yet they differ significantly. Membrane filtration primarily relies on straining or size exclusion.....

Pharma Pure Steam Generator


The operation of the PPSG pure steam generator model is based on the thermal convection principle. Feed water is pumped into the system from the lower part of the evaporation column....

Storage Tanks And Distribution


The company specializes in manufacturing stainless steel tanks designed for storing purified or injectable water.


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