Printing International is the specialist for pad printing machines starting from basic standard pad printing machinery (Crystal, Quartz, Saffir, Platinum) till extensive customized pad printing solutions. With more than 30 years of experience, printing International is building machinery to print on all kinds of plastics, balls, caps and closures for bottles, glass, ceramics, porcelain. Also printing on medical devices and/or pharmaceutical tools is possible such as printing on tablets, soft & hard gels, syringes etc. All peripherial equipment and consumables for pad printing machinery including inks, cliches (printing plates), pads (tampons) are available.

  • Intermittent motion linear printing machine.
  • Generally machine works constantly without any major mechanical issues year after year with least maintenance cost.
  • Uses FDA approved contact parts with necessary certifications.
  • Easy to operate user interface panel.
  • Very Good Yield more than 99.00 percentage.
  • No evaporation of solvent from the ink bowl. This helps in consistent quality of printing on substrate.
  • Universal brush feeder used for all the format of tablets.
  • Double pad inking bowl and pad means higher speed.
  • Electronically controlled printing head Servo-controlled motors.
  • Quick Change-over time of 15 minutes.
  • Camera Inspection with Reject Control
  • Infrared Drying with temperature reading by Pyrometer.
  • High Resolution camera.
  • Laser scanner
  • Ink Consumption is generally less than the Rotary Printing machines.
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