DE LAMA steam sterilizers are the most versatile and designed to meet the widest requirements of the Pharmaceuticals and Allied Industry, for a high degree of operational flexibility that enable to be used even for a wide range of industrial and laboratory applications.

Their wide range of products includes Steam sterilizer, Ethylene Oxide sterilizer, Super-heated water spray sterilizer, Air + steam mixture sterilizer, Dry heat sterilizer, GMP Washers, Vertical steam sterilizers.

  • Delama provides gaskets with particular soft silicon profile that are pulled back into the groove by vacuum (venture effect) and their simple geometry allows tool free mounting & dismounting operations.
  • Windows Operating system for control. Master 6 control system is based on a distributed logic architecture composed of a supervisor (PC) and a programmable controller (PLC). The PLC mainly allows HMI, the data storage & cycle preparation. PLC automatically manages the cycle execution & S/W runs Microsoft operating system.
  • De Lama control system is based on a real SCADA architecture with two independent units HMI (Windows based) and PLC with CPU. It can be connected to the Local Area Network (as per Pharma industry standard).
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